What We Offer


Custom Clothing

Properly proportioned custom clothing has a dramatic impact on improving your appearance. Well Suited goes to great lengths to custom design clothing that fits both your physical appearance and your personality. We take up to twenty-five measurements of our clients which are then sent to our garment-makers to guarantee a perfect fit.

Even if you are a perfect 42 regular, an off-the-rack selection is limited and can never offer you the scope of fabrics that you will find with Well Suited. We have hundreds of fabrics in different weights and patterns which can be customized to your fit. The materials and workmanship that go into our custom clothing is of exceptional quality that far exceeds what is available in most stores.


Custom Suits

When you wear a suit that was made just for you, the glove-perfect fit isn’t where the benefits stop. People notice how well the suit fits, the details in the stitching, custom patterns, and flawless matching with ties, cufflinks, shirts, shoes, and belts.


Custom Shirts

Whether you like your shirts a bit loose or nice and snug, we will custom-tailor premium fabrics and patterns to complement your wardrobe and make you look good! Shirts have many variations that make each one a unique creation. From tapering to various collar styles, and french cuffs to standard cuffs with mitered edges, Well Suited will get you in a shirt that’s made just for you.

Custom Pants

The right pants can flatter your physique, whatever its shape and size. Our options include various choices of patterns, colors, pocket linings, cuffs, pleats, and often not stocked in stores fabric selections that will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.



We carry extensive lines of readymade clothing at competitive prices. Readymade clothing is often associated with retail establishments; however, Well Suited gets your readymade clothes a customized touch by being able to custom order patterns, fabrics, special sizes, and brands. Most retail establishments cannot stock what our factories carry. If you are in the market for readymade, off-the-rack clothing, come to Well Suited and we will take care of you better than any retail salesperson can. 




Ready Made

Custom Made
$999 - $3000+

Sport Coats

Ready Made

Custom Made
$699 - $1999+


Ready Made

Custom Made
$349 - $699+


Ready Made

Custom Made
$189 - $399+



Delivery Timeframes


6 - 8 weeks


3 - 4 weeks